Year 2000 Compliance Statement

Current versions of Projac's COMPUT-A-GRADE should work without interruption and display in the correct form with dates past the Year 2000. We have tested both the Apple and IBM versions and have either found no problems or have fixed any problems we have found.

If you have the Apple version of Projac's COMPUT-A-GRADE, there is no Y2K problem. Whatever you input as the date (which is not necessarily validated to be a correct date); that is what will show on the screen and print out on your reports.

However, if you have an IBM version of Projac's COMPUT-A-GRADE released prior to December 1999, there is a problem with dates past the year 2000. It will not cause any kind of computer failure or system shutdown, but the wrong date will appear on the screen and printed reports.

First, Projac derives the current time and date from DOS and the BIOS on your IBM PC. If this date reported to us is incorrect, we can't do anything about that. You should have a technician help you with your computer hardware and/or operating systems.

Second, assuming your DOS date does correctly display the year 2000, there is still a problem with the way earlier versions of Projac use that date. You can determine whether the problem affects you by viewing the date shown on screen and on your reports. If the year 2000 is displayed as 19100, you need the update.

Both of these problems for the IBM version have been corrected. Updated program files have been prepared and can be downloaded from this site.

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