Instructions for Applying the Program Update

Please follow these steps to successfully apply the program update:

1. Nine updated program files are available here at this site which you can download for your use. There is one set of nine files for the secondary version of Projac's COMPUT-A-GRADE, and another set of nine files for the elementary version. You should select the set of nine files corresponding to the version you now have.

2. The file sets have been compressed into a single downloadable 'zip' file. Extract the nine files from the zip file, and continue with the following steps. If you don't have an Unzip utility, we recommend WinZip for Windows users or PKUNZIP for DOS users (click on the program name to download a free trial of either program).

3. If your program has been installed on your hard drive, you should copy these nine files into the subdirectory where your present program files are located. These nine updated files will replace the nine old files of the same name.

4. You should no longer use the INSTALL and RECALL procedures together with your original floppy disk for moving the program files. If you wish to move the program to another hard drive, simply copy all of the program files from one drive to the other.

5. If you are still running Projac's COMPUT-A-GRADE from your original floppy disk, you should copy the nine updated files to your original floppy disk and thereby replace the nine old files of the same name. You can then continue to run as always. However, if, in the future, you wish to install the program on a hard drive, you should not use the INSTALL and RECALL procedures as set forth in the documentation. You should simply copy the program files from your floppy disk onto your hard drive.

6. If you are unable to download the updated files, or if you have any questions, you may contact us by e-mail at

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